The fashion industry is booming and it can be difficult to keep up with constantly changing trends.

Prints are one style element that can create a bold statement and impact.

Wondering if African prints would be a good fit for your wardrobe? Keep reading first to learn a bit more about the prints and ways in which they can elevate styles for all generations.


The African fabric industry has a long and interesting past. African fabrics are known for their vibrant colors and being hand-made. When browsing these prints, it’s easy to find a statement piece to elevate your entire closet.

Certain areas of Africa today have fabrics they specialize in. Ghana has a national fabric called Kente cloth. In Mali, there is a hand-woven fabric called Bògòlanfini or mud cloth.

Due to rich and vibrant colors and patterns, more and more African prints are being used throughout the high fashion world.

Additionally, African prints were recently on display at the opening of the film Black Panther, with moviegoers of all generations gorgeously wearing African print attire.

Cultural Representation

Many people are attracted to African fabrics due to what they represent. The fabrics come with a storied cultural background. Colors used usually represent something in the history of African people.

For example, Akan people from West Africa wear red, brown, and black for funerals, but choose white for festivities. People from Ghana use the color green to represent growth and renewal.

Even if you’re not from Africa, you can respectably wear the prints. It’s simple to create a wrap dress with the fabric for special events, such as a party or visit to Broadway.

Wrap dresses are popular with all ages of women because they can be worn with heels or sandals. This style allows you to dress it up and down depending on your event.

Intricate and Unique Design

People young and old embrace the variety of patterns that exist in African fabrics.

There are common weaving techniques that each create a distinct pattern. Different areas of Africa rely on some more than others.

Expect to see African prints in accessory pieces, like scarves and hats. Bold prints are also being used more in dresses, rompers, and pants.

There is such a variety of pieces so people of all ages can find something that suits their particular style.

The younger crowd likely will gravitate towards pieces such as rompers, while older adults may find a patterned scarf to be the perfect accessory. If you’re a bit more daring, consider finding a formal dress in a vibrant pattern.

Don’t worry, the men are not left out. It’s currently very popular to find a suit or blazer with an African print. This print will set you apart and show off your energetic personality.

Find Your Perfect African Prints Today

As you can see, African fabrics are loved by many. If you’re looking to add a little interest to your current closet, choosing a print with ties to Africa could be just the thing you need.

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