How much do you know about African style? Contemporary African fashion combines classic prints with modern clothing.

These styles are made famous by African style connoisseurs but can be used by anyone who wants to bring a piece of African history into their homes.

One of the many benefits of African style is how easily you can integrate African prints into your wardrobe. Many African prints offer a unique twist or a pop of color into any outfit.

Before you start splurging, you should know some of the hottest trends right now.

When shopping for African print tops, look for any of these 5 styles.


The off-the-shoulder tops are always in during the spring and summer times.

These tops look stylish and compliment any outfit. Pair this cute style with a colorful African print, and you will be one of the best-dressed people on the street.

Our outfit recommendation: a colorful print off-the-shoulder top with a pair of denim shorts.


In 2018, blue has been the color that reigned them all. It is easy to find an African print top that features hints of blue.

Blue represents tranquility and relaxes any outfit. Blue is a major color in African prints because it symbolizes water.

Our outfit recommendation: a blue-dominant African print top with a pair of jeans.


Even though we are entering the colder months, you should not ditch your spaghetti straps. Find a bold African print spaghetti strap top and pair it was a cardigan and a scarf. For the best fall fashion choice, find an African print top in neutral colors.

Our outfit recommendation: a neutral-colored print spaghetti strap top with a solid-colored cardigan and scarf. Match them with ripped jeans or black leggings and close-toed wedge heels.


Crop tops took over in 2018. Is there a better way to show off your grueling hours at the gym?

There are plenty of African print tops in a crop top style. Even as we enter the colder months, you can pair your crop top with a pair of pants and a blazer.

Our outfit recommendation: a bright and colorful African print crop top with high-waisted jeans and a matching blazer.


Think pink, ladies! For all of the pink panthers here, pink is a trending color right now. From hot pink to rose gold, pink hues are all the rage. There are plenty of African prints available in pink tones.

Our outfit recommendation: a pink-dominant African print dress. You can also find an African print top in gold, white, or black (colors that match beautifully with pink) and pair it with a rose gold blazer or trousers.


From dresses to tops, African print tops are taking over the fashion world.

You can easily pair these prints with wardrobe staples in your closet. African prints also follow the current fashion trends. Shop for new tops and dresses each season and stay in style.

If you are looking for African prints, fabrics, and other fashion staples, visit our store.

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