“Fashion is like life and just like life, you must always  express yourself freely.” – Adama Amanda Ndiaye


I love African beauty. I love it so much that I just had to create a whole page dedicated to it on my blog. I love the positive impact African fashion has on the continent. And Sincerely ShirleyGO is all about that positivity right? Right! Lol!

African Fashion

And thus, every now and then, I would be doing specials on varying topics related to African fashion. Topics on African designers that are making a positive impact in the fashion industry. Topics on African designs I get passionately excited about. I will write on new online stores that sell African designs for men, babies, women etc.

African Fashion Ofoe Amegavie, 2013:

Photo credit: Ofoe Amegavie

But for now, this piece focuses on why I love African fashion so much. And why you should love it too!


African Fashion. African print fabric.


1. African fashion (and fabrics) are characterized by bold prints, intricate patterns and vibrant colors.


Words cannot adequately express what I am talking about here. Hehehe, they just cannot. Words kinda fall short. Hence the pictures below.


African Fashion. Fabric:             African Fashion


Interesting fact about African fabrics

You know what?  Most African fabrics are not made by Africans. For real? Yep!

Short history lesson: Fabrics created by Asians and Europeans were sold to Africans. In time, these fabrics were given the name “african fabrics” because of the love Africans have for them. What makes these fabrics African then?

The unique and tasteful designs that are sculpted from them by us.

The African culture and traditions associated with them.

African fashion. african wax print:

2. Fashion is another means through which Africa is seen in a positive light.


Mama Africa has been through a lot in the past ages and is still suffering. But in spite of this, its children still find a way to show that civilization and creativity began in Africa! Uh huh! You read that right. It started here, baby! Hahaha.


Ideal Doyle Couture design

Ideal Doyle Couture design

Kahindo Mateene, African fashion

3. African fashion reflects the continent’s varying cultures, traditions, values and diversity. It serves as a means through which people can learn about Africa.

There are 54 countries in Africa. That is a whole lot of diversity, culture and traditions. Through African fashion, it is possible for you to gain interests in the people of another country. It makes it easier for you to accept the customs of others and to understand their ways. You could even possibly fall in love with the country through African fashion!


A-Leap-of-Style-African-design African Fashion

a leap of style design


4. An African outfit could be a fragment of history.

Madam Wokie of Sierra Leone utilized the Kontri cloth in one of her collections. The Kontri cloth is one of the few African fabrics that is created in Sierra Leone. And in that fabric, there is quite a bit of history which I might write on later.

African fashion madam wokie

Deola Sagoe drew inspiration from the traditional gele of Nigeria to create a stunning hat! And check out that outfit. So beautifully gorgeous!

Ideal Doyle design

5. I love that a field that was greatly looked down upon in Africa is experiencing breakthrough and growth.

There was a time in Africa that the only professions worth mentioning were medicine, law and engineering. Africa is entering an age in which appreciation is being given to African fashion, music and movies. And moreover, these fields are seen as viable money making machines now. Ka-ching! Let that money rain down yo! Lol!




african fashion Sika Boutique

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