With material and fabric prices going up every year, even cotton has reached astronomical prices. If you’re looking to find great prints for interior design projects, you might be paying a much higher premium then you did a few years ago. African printed fabric is a fantastic option that can often be found at low prices for a high-quality product.

Whether you’re a professional or a weekend hobbyist, you know the power of colors and patterns in a living space. Bright colors and exciting patterns can have a long-lasting appeal that can bring a welcome variation to your family home.

With African printed fabric, you’ll be able to find something interesting for any room in your house. Here are 4 kinds of fabrics that can bring something new to your home without breaking the bank.

1. Kente Cloth

When you close your eyes and imagine an African print, you’ll probably think of Kente prints. They’re often boldly colored in warmer colors, such as orange and red. You’ll find lots of greens and blacks as well as.

Patterns are available in geometric shapes, varying colors, and different sizes. The main feature of this style of fabric is to be bold.

Kente prints are a great choice for an accent piece, such as a throw, a pillow, or curtains. Put in a fairly neutral room, they’ll become a statement piece and spark conversation when you have guests.

2. African Laces

African laces are different than the more standard Belgian lace. They’re part of a long history of African fabrics. These fabrics are often complicated and intricately made with patterns nested inside of other patterns.

They’ll add a level of elegance and sophistication to your room. This lace will complement leather and wood decor extremely well by adding a touch of femininity to an otherwise masculine-feeling room.

Think about African lace for pillow edging or elegant curtains.

3. Mud Cloth

While you might not think you want to add something with the name “mud” in it to your decor, it’s actually a fantastic rich cloth that brings a lot to home decor.

Mud cloths are often hand-woven and dyed with aged mud. Once the mud is washed out, the color remains, accenting the cloth’s rich texture.

If you’re looking for a new throw blanket or a great carpet, mud cloth can bring just the right amount of earthiness to a modern home.

Mud cloth can even be hung on the wall for an added level of decor.

4. Wax Prints

Wax prints are bright and visually engaging printed textiles that can take any form or pattern. You’ll find nature themes, animal prints, or geometric shapes.

One piece of wax printed fabric will bring a tremendous amount of life to the most neutral room in your home.

African Printed Fabric Is Versatile

For your next interior design project, consider African prints. You’ll be able to add a lot of color and texture to your project on a shoestring budget.

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